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the startupbridge motivation series

Knowing about motivation is one building block to your startup success

Hello and welcome to the StartupBridge “Motivation Series”.
Motivation is a big topic to cover, therefore the series.
Here's a summary for what's to come in this "motivation" post:
Know your reasons why you are motivated or why not.
Know how you direct motivation energy.  Apply the "Learning-Shortcut".
Know where the energy is coming from.
Know the types of energy, but don't classify them as good or bad too quickly.
Know your context.
Know your fears and manage them. Be aware of potential "sick" makers.
Know your risks and manage them.
the startupbridge motivation series

Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. Perspectives as a sportsmen, employee and startup

This is the second post in the "Motivation Series", where I want to share with you my insights about the following three words.

Autonomy : An Individuals independent action taking and decision making state of mind.
Mastery : An Individuals action towards the possession of skills, knowledge and experience towards being a master in something.
Purpose: The highest level of an individual's mindset and inner drive to achieve a certain outcome.
StartupBridge founders series

StartupBridge Founders Series: Intro

Hi there. Let's dig into the StartupBridge Founders Series.
First things first.. What's a founder?
For profit founder:
The founder is a person called "entrepreneur or startup" who initiates a company, to build and offer a product or service and make money out of it.
This one's goal is to serve customers for money, and can only survive as long as there's enough funding or paying customers available to pay the companies bills and provide a living for the founder.
Not for profit founder...
StartupBridge founders series success

What's success and what's a vision for success?

Success, is just a word and describes the state of achieving a goal for a person or a group. Just a word because words do not makeup success, actions do.
Dreaming of success by itself would not make us successful either, only knowing what is in front of us and learning everything that is required on that journey to achieve that goal while actioning things required step by step, does.
Dreaming of goals, or visualizing them is known to be a powerful source of energy, and many successful individuals told us about it, that using visualization to see the future in the here and now was one of their tools.
startup bridge founders series - self-believe

How strong is your self-believe?

Are you a believer? Do you believe in yourself or do you doubt yourself, perhaps both depending on the situation? Fair enough, but as a startup, you are at first the only believer in your idea and the journey you are about to jump into.
You are the first and maybe the last who believes in your venture, sure you'll need to find others who believe in you down the track , in your product or service, in your company, in your skills and your will, but the one who counts the most is your own believe in yourself and that you can do it.

startup bridge founders series - self reflect

Can Self-Reflection move us closer to startup success?

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, feeling refreshed after a day of self-reflection. Took a long bath, shut down any noises from outside and from inside, relaxed my body and soul and calmed down completely.
All the worries, self-doubts, busy mind, back and forth thoughts and the wrong body feeling were gone.....for a while at least.....
After that preparation for my own "self-reflect day" I am thinking: "Why the hack, am I doing this not more often?", as it was and still is an awesome feeling.
Now, I even write faster, have clearer thoughts etc.... well maybe my writing still sucks, but I leave that to you to judge.