May 2015

Coming Soon website released

Hello and Welcome to Startupbridge!

That's unusual, a blog about a "Coming Soon" page you might think, correct, but a coming soon is actually a lot more than a simple page, let me explain my thinking about it and what it has triggered for me.

June 2015

Startup Lunch Introduced

I am proud to announce the Introduction of "Startup Lunch".

This is the place to submit, discuss, share, and communicate topics all about and around Startups. Startups do have lunch everywhere and anytime (mhh, another topic?), but StartupBridge just gives you a chance to connect with others you would normally never meet.

August 2015

StartupBridge Review

StartupBridge Review August 2015

This is the first of reviews for what I do here on this site, as a startup and as a founder.
I have written about this in a few posts so far, so why am I stressing this topic so much?
It is essential to your success...and to mine!
Why Review? Reviewing what you do, what you build, what you work on is so important, because you can loose yourself in focusing on all those todo's or tasks on hand.