I dare you Domain Name Registrar. The best is Gandi.net

Ok, here's the deal.

You dare to proof me wrong, that Gandi.net is not the best Domain Name Registrar out there ? I say it is the best out there!

If there is a better Domain Name Registrar with more features, better pricing and more free stuff, I - We want to know about it and if after testing your assumption what you were saying was right.

Open Source Everything - Hosting

Open Source Everything - Hosting

There are many important projects, groups and people already working on the Open Source Everything movement.

The p2pfoundation is one of them, so is Robert Steele  and many more and because I am looking into hosting and Infrastructure from a professional perspective and have committed also the that movement myself.

I am from now on going to offer all my knowledge, infrastructure, resources and experience to those groups, individuals and projects... If they want to!

startup bridge founders series - sees opportunities

Founder sees opportunities. An open letter to the Open Source community, to myself and to all those startups out there.

I have still both browsers and those 50 tabs open from last night's adventure.
Before I go into it let me give you some background.

A good friend of mine has just opened up his own restaurant and advertised it to his friends via facebook. He asked open questions like "What mistakes should I prevent from the beginning etc.", and I answered with "Do as much as you can yourself, focus to get customers and keep investments low as much as possible".
I then approached him regarding his website and that I want to manage all of it for him. After guiding him through the basics of what he'd need and several further discussions on what his business plan is for now and into the future, so I could incorporate all that into the site as well, or plan for it. As he wants to be able to create

startup bridge founders series - self reflect

Can Self-Reflection move us closer to startup success?

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, feeling refreshed after a day of self-reflection. Took a long bath, shut down any noises from outside and from inside, relaxed my body and soul and calmed down completely.
All the worries, self-doubts, busy mind, back and forth thoughts and the wrong body feeling were gone.....for a while at least.....
After that preparation for my own "self-reflect day" I am thinking: "Why the hack, am I doing this not more often?", as it was and still is an awesome feeling.
Now, I even write faster, have clearer thoughts etc.... well maybe my writing still sucks, but I leave that to you to judge.
startup bridge founders series - self-believe

How strong is your self-believe?

Are you a believer? Do you believe in yourself or do you doubt yourself, perhaps both depending on the situation? Fair enough, but as a startup, you are at first the only believer in your idea and the journey you are about to jump into.
You are the first and maybe the last who believes in your venture, sure you'll need to find others who believe in you down the track , in your product or service, in your company, in your skills and your will, but the one who counts the most is your own believe in yourself and that you can do it.

StartupBridge founders series success

What's success and what's a vision for success?

Success, is just a word and describes the state of achieving a goal for a person or a group. Just a word because words do not makeup success, actions do.
Dreaming of success by itself would not make us successful either, only knowing what is in front of us and learning everything that is required on that journey to achieve that goal while actioning things required step by step, does.
Dreaming of goals, or visualizing them is known to be a powerful source of energy, and many successful individuals told us about it, that using visualization to see the future in the here and now was one of their tools.
StartupBridge founders series

StartupBridge Founders Series: Intro

Hi there. Let's dig into the StartupBridge Founders Series.
First things first.. What's a founder?
For profit founder:
The founder is a person called "entrepreneur or startup" who initiates a company, to build and offer a product or service and make money out of it.
This one's goal is to serve customers for money, and can only survive as long as there's enough funding or paying customers available to pay the companies bills and provide a living for the founder.
Not for profit founder...
StartupBridge Motivation Series

Motivation in action for your startups success of tomorrow. Plan, Execute and Review.

Hello and welcome to the Motivation Series, fellow startup.
So far, we have covered the theoretical side of motivation and some practical aspects on the "Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose" post as well.
Now, it is time to dig into the planning, execution and review process for achieving your motivational goals, dreams, desires and visions!
So what is motivation planning and how can you focus and know your priorities in a simple process? How can you go in detail and also have an overview with your goal planing? 
Those goals you want to achieve usually seem very big, and the following process will show you in examples how you can still achieve them, even though they might seem far away for you right now.