Open Source Everything - Hosting

There are many important projects, groups and people already working on the Open Source Everything movement.

The p2pfoundation is one of them, so is Robert Steele  and many more and because I am looking into hosting and Infrastructure from a professional perspective and have committed also the that movement myself.

I am from now on going to offer all my knowledge, infrastructure, resources and experience to those groups, individuals and projects... If they want to!

Open Source Everything - Hosting:

All used Software, including Operating System has to be Open Source. Some areas are not Open Source, such as Digital Ocean, Cloudflare and Serverpilot, but we are working on it already.

Here are the services provided for free:

Requesting the services via email and selecting free email and hosting contact form is available now.

If you want to participate in the Open Source Everything  - Hosting section, here you can:




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