Mail in a Box - Open Source Email Server

One of my personally loved Open Source Email Server projects out there. I have been using it for some time now and I can say only one thing about it.

Mail In a Box. Awesome!

Everything just works and here are a few features I'd like to talk about:

  • Free Parking of your Domains, as a small hosting feature to host static files is available. If you love static html then you'll love this project even more.
  • Free SSL Certificate via Let's Encrypt implementation for all your static hosted Domains.
  • DNS Management Interface. Simple, but just enough for most use cases.
  • Email Management Interface to create/add/edit acccounts, including Alias management. Webmail included. SSL Or StartTls security to setup Email Clients. 
  • Contacts and Calendar with a minimal Owncloud setup.
  • Encryted email only Backup. Locally or to S3. 
  • It has it's own API, so you could actually include this into your own hosting setup.

The following is for obvious reasons highly active. Visit their Github site and their forum pages

Kudos and heartto the Mail-in-a-Box project.

Thanks again for this awesome project. ‚ÄčOpen Source has done it again!


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