Ok, here's the deal.

You dare to proof me wrong, that Gandi.net is not the best Domain Name Registrar out there ? I say it is the best out there!

If there is a better Domain Name Registrar with more features, better pricing and more free stuff, I - We want to know about it and if after testing your assumption what you were saying was right.

I will report about that Registrar in depth and Advertise your awesome proof of me beeing wrong to the Public Internet, via this site.

Do you accept? I dare you! Kudos if you do..........yes You.

A few Gandi Features:

  • Free SSL with every Domain
  • 5 Email addresses and 1000GB storage with every Domain
  • Full DNS Management
  • Most domains are available, have not seen more TLD's anywhere else to buy
  • DNSSEC for free
  • Reliable in their services
  • Good and prompt service from support

Just to be clear I am not doing any advertising here, I just want to find out for me and for everyone else who "The Best Domain Name Provider" is.

I do not earn anything from anyone, I am independent after all.

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