I am StartupBridge, a Collective Mind, an Idea, a Hope.

This site will be the future commercial arm of the StartupBridge Collective/Co-Operative!
More frequent changes to come.

1.Open Source Everything, achieving real Trust, Truth and Transparency.

2.Building a Collective/Co-Operative Network.

3.Not harming anything and anybody. 

StartupBridge needs your Input, Wisdom, Knowledge and Decisions to achieve those goals.

Project plan and supporting applications/plattform:

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  1. Policy & Compliance. The "Theoretical & Planning" Framework. 
    • Build working groups for the Policy & Structure around the Collective/Co-Operative.
    • OpenLegal. What is the legal pitfalls, issues and challenges to overcome and in existance with the existing systems
    • What are the rules for everyone. Rule bracking system.
    • OpenFunding. 
    • OpenGovernance.
    • OpenIntelligence. Decision Support framework.
    • Membership models. Subscription. Active|Passive.Decision making process.
    • Decision/Voting models.
    • Renumeration Models.
    • OpenIntegration. 
    • Local (ZIP),City, State, Country, Continent, Global way of doing things.
    • Use https://startupbridge.org for Website and OpenInformation purpose.
    • Build information, communication and decision support systems. 
  2. ​Build & Grow. The "Practical & Learning" Framework.
    • Membership model of Collective/​​Co-Operative. Macro and/or Micro project/work based.
    • Decision/Voting Systems in practise.What to vote on Macro/Micro.
    • Integration of new members.
    • What to work on.
    • OpenFarm
    • OpenEducation
    • OpenDataCenter
    • OpenSoftware
    • OpenHardware
    • Renumeration for work done.
    • Use startupbridge.in for citizen/members of collective. e.g. startupbridge.in/asia/australia/wa/perth/claremont
    • Use startupbridge.in for Global, National or local information, comms or voting structures.  e.g. startupbridge.in/asia/australia/ or startupbridge.in
  3. Engage & Steer. The "Lessons Learned" Framework.
    • Improvement Systems for Decisions. The long Memory.
    • What worked, where and why. Intelligence systems.
    • How are other areas doing it. Learning locally from the global community.
    • Feeding back into Theory and Practise systems.
    • Use startupbridge.com for the commercial arm of the collective/co-operative.
    • Use startupbridge.com.au for the national commercial arm of the co
    • Use startupbridge.io for all technical systems.